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Meet the Team

Analyseize was founded by two young information enthusiasts, and grew by building links and friendships with likeminded people who care about voicing facts and opinions truthfully and without bias. We are a team of all sorts, encompassing all ages and different specialties, made up of top-notch research gurus in the Arab world. The Team has a combined experience of around 75 years in the field of data collection, quantitative and qualitative baseline and special studies, evaluations, observations, focus groups, and interviews. Our varied areas of expertise complement one another, and the Team is a formidable professional representation of three generations, each in its own right.

Ghuzayyah Hijazi

Qualitative Research Specialist

Ghuzayyah began her research career in 2002, and was the drive behind the establishment of Analyseize in 2005. Over the last ten years, she has focused on qualitative research for projects related to political, economic and social reform, corporate sustainability, education, youth, value systems, behavior change, media, FMCG, and logistics. She has worked on projects across the MENA region, serving a range of regional and international clients.

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Nouf Hijazi

Quantitative Research Specialist

Since 2003, Nouf has worked in research with a focus on quantitative methodologies. She has managed large scale projects in the Middle East, gaining knowledge in the areas of sampling, data collection and analysis. Nouf has taken the lead in setting the internal operations of Analyseize, and is responsible for training researchers working in both qualitative and quantitative research.

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Duaa Mislat

Quantitative Research Analyst

Duaa began her research career in 2010 while she was still a student, working part time conducting telephone interviews and data entry. She joined Analyseize full time in 2014, upon completion of her bachelor’s degree in economics. During her first few years, Duaa attended hundreds of focus group sessions, and began moderating in 2015; and has since facilitated focus groups and in-depth interviews for various projects. In 2016, she showed interest and skill in quantitative research methodologies, and began professional training in statistical analysis. Since then, Duaa has been managing quantitative  research projects and has developed competence in training field researchers, coding and analysing surveys results using SPSS software.

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Katrine Qwadees

Qualitative Research Support Executive

Katrine graduated from the Hashemite University in 2017 holding a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and worked as a teacher until she finally joined the Analyseize team in 2018. At Analyseize, Katrine is responsible for ensuring administrative tasks are run smoothly and liaises between the Analyseize core team and the hundreds of freelancers they recruit, in addition to her work as a qualitative research support executive.

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The Experts We Work With


Lydia Wilson

Senior CVE Consultant

Lydia is a research fellow at the Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict at the University of Oxford, and also has affiliations at the universities of Cambridge, City University New York and Erbil International. Her research is to do with why and when people commit extreme violence, how to prevent them, and how to mitigate the effects of violence in societies. Drawing on anthropology and psychology, Lydia’s research is interview-based, exploring all aspects of extreme violence from the personal to the social. Currently she is particularly interested in interventions to prevent and counter violent extremism, and how to measure what works and what doesn't.

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Muin Khoury

Media & Research Advisor "Strategies"

Muin is a key strategist, political analyst, pollster and researcher and initiator for high-profile Jordanian and international programs and projects with over 20 years of experience. 

Muin is also Owner and Managing Director of Strategies Research, Global Network Member of the US leading research firm Harris Interactive/Harris Poll. He is also Founder and Partner of AdPro Communications.

Former Pollster and Director of Research at the Office of HM King Abdullah II, Muin is a public policy specialist on democracy and governance, youth issues, youth employment and vocational training. He has also worked on gender, education (teachers/schools), values and behavioral change, poverty alleviation, evaluation and needs assessment projects.

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Tony Sabbagh

Market Research Consultant
"Middle East Market Research Consultants"

Tony Sabbagh’s experience stretches back to 1962 in Lebanon, and to 1989 in Amman. Owner and General Manager of Middle East Research and Marketing Associates, Tony has a strong background in both public policy and commercial domains. Tony worked with the Royal Hashemite Court in Jordan on public policy issues, as well as with various Prime Ministers and Jordanian Governments, international agencies, the U.S. Department of State/Office of Research, and the European Commission among others.

His areas of expertise cover governance, national and household economies, electoral culture and procedures, tracking and projections, municipal assessments, and others.

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Dina Sherif

CEO/ Founding Partner Ahead of the Curve
Cairo, Egypt

Dina is responsible for business strategy and business development at Ahead of The Curve, a social enterprise promoting responsible/sustainable management practices to support both economic growth and social change that she co-founded. She also serves as an Advisor to the President of Egypt on economic development and is currently an Associate Professor of Practice, holding the Willard Brown Chair for International Business at the American University in Cairo, where she is also Director of the Entrepreneurship Center.

Dina comes from a background in economic development, strategic philanthropy, and civil society development. Her current passion lies in using entrepreneurship as a pathway to sustainable economic growth and job creation.

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Nassim Ghrayeb

Communication Development & Research Expert

Nassim has over 20 years of experience in synthesizing competencies in analytic business skills, innovation, leadership and creativity for the purpose of driving business success. He is an expert in communications development and evaluation across all mediums, and was an early pioneer in market research and strategic advertising planning in the MENA region. Nassim is skilled at bringing innovative products to market and has significant experience in building companies and disciplines from start-ups into successful enterprises. 
Nassim was CEO of YouGov Middle East, a company he helped build from the ground up that then expand across Europe and North America.

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