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Research for a “A Different Story”: A short drama series contest run by MBC

In 2016, Analyseize designed and implemented a two-part research study as part of the “A Different Story” short drama series contest run by MBC, whereby four groups competed to have their mini-series produced and aired by MBC’s The preliminary part of the project consisted of focus group sessions with youth from Amman, Zarqa, Irbid and Ma’an, to inform the contestants about various aspects of their lives. This involved a thorough examination of the lives of youth, including their personal struggles, sources of motivation, and relationships with members of their family, community as well as authority figures, and a deep examination of the types of TV shows that appealed most to youth in Jordan. When the winning team was announced, a research panel was recruited in order to provide live feedback to the producers of the series over three waves; baseline, mid-line and end-line, in order to measure overall clarity and appeal of Kabreet 45 at different stages of implementation.

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