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Our Facilities

Analyseize offers a facility for all focus group sessions with complete privacy and use of the conference room, breakout room and viewing room.

Corporate Identity Campaign

Clients often approach Contact Us with a general idea of what they need, and this project was no different. We were able to jump right in with our expertise and really helped the company grow and evolve. Today, their business is doing exceptionally well, and we’re proud to have been part of the process.


Research Support Services

  • Viewing room: to fit 4 viewers comfortably.

  • Focus Group Meeting Room: to fit up to 12 respondents.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: Skilled interpreters providing instant translation of focus group sessions in Arabic and English. 

Documentation & Tabulation

  • Transcripts: Typed translated word to word transcripts in both English and Arabic.

  • Data Entry: Offering all quantitative survey data entered into SPSS/ Excel 

Recruitment Services

  • Recruitment: xxx.

  • Transportation: xxx.

High Tech Equipment

  • Audio/Video Recordings of sessions.

  • Video monitor.

  • 4 Single Headsets in viewing room

Incentives & Honorariums

  • xxxx.

Catering Services

  • Coffee Break: ssss.

  • Coffee/Tea Bar: xxxx

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