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Marketing & Social Research

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Who We Are

We are a research company who understand all shades of the local market, and our range of scientific and social research methodologies provide a solution for everyone.

Yes, information is everywhere, and knowledge can’t be owned for long. How you gather it, put it together and make sense of it properly is what we LOVE and do best. Having hundreds of research studies under our belt since 2005, we continue to do what we are obsessive about; providing real insights that help clients understand the people whose opinions matter to them. We put in many years of experience in modelling our processes to know exactly what tool to use on each and every slice of society no matter how large or small.

Contact Us

2nd Floor
Office Building 88
Mamdouh Al Sarayrah St. (end of Mecca Street)
Amman, Jordan

+962 79 616 8616

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